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Britannia Row Productions Training is the Live Audio Training Specialist
World Class Audio Training - Training from within the industry, for the industry, by the industry

Britannia Row Productions Training is the training arm of Britannia Row Productions.
Britannia Row Productions is a Live Audio Company which has been providing professional Audio Equipment, Sound Engineers and Technicians to major artists and events for 40 years.

We are employers as well as Audio Education providers.
We understand fully what qualities and skills employers are looking for in Sound Engineers and Technicians. We can train you to be the best





  • Thanks to all of you at Britannia Row Training, it has been one of the best journeys, I definitely improved as a person and professional. Hope to see you soonPedro Moreira

  • Thank you Barry, Jackie & Mike for such an exceptional course which has allowed me to be better prepared for my dream career. Thanks to all the lecturers also–Emmanuel Baidoo

  • Great course!! Great people!! Great time!!–Ben Turnbull

  • Guys these days were everything and they fly so quickly!!! I’d go back in time I’d do it again for sure!–Gianluca Rossiello

  • I’d like to thank everyone at Britannia Row for the way they treated me and I’m very pleased at how my knowledge has grown and I’m sure this is just the start in my career. I’ve met some incredible people who I’ll never forget"–Danny Pinedo

  • Thank you! You are awesome!!–Evgeny Tolmachev

  • Thanks to everyone here at B.R that made this 12 weeks something I’ll never forget"–J.P Huff, Iowa, USA

  • Thanks to all of you for a great course! Well taught & v. useful. A great experience and good preparation for (hopefully) a great career!!–Stephen Berry

  • Many thanks to everyone here at Brit Row! I’ve learned a lot from all of you guys. Keep in touch and hope everything will go well. –‘Yo’ Hsiang-Chu Yu

  • Loved the course, totally worth the money, keep it up! –‘Miguel Mota

  • Brit Row – ol ‘dream!Thanks for now  P.S I will be missing my classmates on Monday, but WOW I have gained so much knowledge that i’m so excited about to get to practice! Big thanks and thumbs up to the BRPT staff –‘Malle Kaas