…. through five decades

There is only one way to become one of the world’s leading audio rental companies….

Listen very carefully…..

… and at Britannia Row Productions we’ve been doing just that since 1975…


For over forty years, we’ve been listening to what our customers want, while keeping one ear close to the ground for the very latest developments in audio technology – and another ear out for the finest technical talent in the business.

This might sound an uncomfortable position to maintain.

But we’re used to stretching ourselves for our clients at Britannia Row Productions.

It’s part of our commitment, not just to service, but to excellence – to producing sound that’s the best it can be.

Stretching1 New-boundaries1

Through the seventies, eighties, nineties, noughties, right up to the present, our staff and equipment have been producing the world-class, dynamic sound for major events and concerts that wins audience loyalty again and again – in every continent, all around the globe.
Which has won us, in turn, the loyalty of global acts over a period of decades. Peter Gabriel, David Gilmour and The Cure, have all been regular clients of Britannia Row Productions since the ’70s. Depeche Mode, Mick Hucknall and Jamiroquai since the 80s.
Britannia Row Productions continually works with exciting current artists and emerging new acts.
Altogether, we’ve clocked up over 100,000 productions – from major events, global sporting events, concert tours, corporate events and theatre shows to live radio and world wide television broadcasts.