Modi at Wembley Stadium

Photo credits: Lez Dwight, Britannia Row Productions

The UK welcomed Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at the Modi Community Reception held at Wembley Stadium on November 13.

Organized by not-for-profit body Europe India Forums, the event promoted India-Europe relations and hosted over 90,000 people from the British Indian community.

Coinciding with Diwali 2015 celebrations, the reception featured Bollywood songs and dancing routines and some of the best homegrown British Indian talent. To end the evening, PM Shri Narendra Modi delivered a speech on his vision over India of the future.



PM Modi delivering his speech

The British PM, David Cameron, also spoke at the event.

The reception closed with the biggest firework display ever seen in Britain, according to the Europe India Forum.


Firework display at Wembley

For the event, Britannia Row deployed over 180 L-Acoustics K1/K2/Kara enclosures on a main left/right system, with 10 flown delays and 7 ground stacked delays.