The Live Sound Industry covers a wide variety of applications 

concerned in some way with live performance or presentation.

This covers areas such as rock festivals, musical theatre, 

corporate events and audio for broadcast.


  The industry divides into 5 main market sectors:



  • Rock/Pop/Dance Concerts & Festivals
  • Jazz/Folk/World Music Concerts & Festivals
  • Classical/Choral Concerts & Festivals
  • Opera
  • Dance performances


  • Musical Theatre
  • Dialogue-based Theatre
  • Circus & other variants


  • Events programmes
  • Music-based programmes
  • Awards shows
  • Chat shows


  • Corporate presentations:
  • Awards shows
  • Fashion shows
  • Product launches
  • Movie premieres
  • AGMs
  • Corporate events
  • Sporting events


  • Religious ceremonies
  • Religious events




A career within the Live Sound Industry can encompass a wide 

range of experience across the artistic World and provide a 

stimulating, interesting and rewarding career choice.




The need to amplify or ‘reinforce’ the experience of sound occurs when any acoustic or un-amplified performance becomes inaudible to the audience because the venue or space in which the performance is held is just too big for the audience to hear the acoustic sources.
For example, an Opera not performed in an Opera House but in a larger location such as a park or an arena will require some level of amplification.


Aida photo from Bryan 03 06 11


The same applies when you have an acoustic source, a vocal for instance, needing to compete with an amplified one – say an electric guitar.
The desire and need for high quality sound reinforcement has progressed alongside musical and technological developments over the past 40 years.
The rock music concert industry has been one of the prime moving forces in driving the technology and its application forward.


The list above should not be viewed as exhaustive and there is a crossover at times between the elements:
For instance, Corporate events frequently involve live musical content, and many will involve broadcast requirements.The digital age is pushing the boundaries of live performance and will constantly provide new opportunities for work.

IMG_2253 - Nike

 A recent corporate event using Britannia Row engineers and equipment  - a clothing collaboration launch between Sacai and Nike

Whilst some of the events highlighted will be realised by permanently installed equipment and operated by full-time technicians, the majority will utilise equipment which has been designed and set up specifically by freelance technicians and engineers. A large worldwide service industry has developed over the years to service these needs.