Jason Thomas  

"I came top of my course intake so I was offered a one year contract at BRP working in the warehouse getting to know the equipment,prepping equipment and gigs, loading trucks etc.

First gig was as FOH Tech for Florence and the Machine at Polish National Stadium.

Since then I have been working mainly as a monitor engineer, PA Technician, FOH Tech, Monitor Tech and have also dabbled as a Radio Tech on MTV awards, NFL, BBC Music Awards and many fashion Shows.  My aim is to mix monitors and FOH.

I mainly work for Brit Row now, but when I finished the one year contract I went and also worked at some other PA companies to gain more experience and see how other companies work - also to be thrown into the deep end with systems I hadnt yet used or been exposed to which I found invaluable Experience and made me a much better engineer very quickly.

Some clients I have worked with;

Noel Gallagher - PA Tech, Florence and The Machine - FOH Tech, Warpaint - FOH Tech, Bell and Sebastian - Stage Tech, Kasabian - Monitor Tech, Kevin Hart - PA Tech, Andrea Bocelli - PA Tech, Pink Floyd - PA Tech

Currently Monitor/Stage Technician for Kasabian for 2017, touring UK and Europe finishing with an Arena tour in November/December 2017

The course was invaluable to me regarding getting to know equipment used in the live industry (I was a studio engineer for 11 years) and making contacts within brit row with the crew they use for their shows. Brit Row have been great at nurturing me and getting me into solid work within the live music industry".

Nicola Cappello 

"I am working for a Sound Company in Malta as FOH and Monitor Engineer.It's going very well, after the course I discovered many techniques that I didn't know. I love the British style"!

Zoltan Pauli

"After the course I started working in the warehouse on a zero hour contract. After about a year I found myself in there pretty much seven days a week and really enjoyed my time in there. Until that point I worked for crewing companies and a few small venues as well as in Brit Row. From the very beginnings I jumped on every opportunity doing load ins and outs, weekends and it helped to get more opportunities.

A little more than a year ago (June 2016) I went freelance and am a freelancer since. I can consider myself lucky to get enough work through Brit Row. It was not always the easiest ride but I did get a huge opportunity (and challenge) to work on Robbie Williams' 2017 Stadium run, which is a great chance to learn and improve.

The course has given me the chance to get my foot through the door as well as given a lot of practical knowledge. Still plenty of hard work had to be done since but I did not expect it any other way. People at Brit Row were always super helpful and kind and the amount of stuff I can learn from them is incredible. Also, being in touch with other guys from the course, it is great to exchange our experiences and opinions".

Tomohiro Yamamoto  

"12 weeks course was suitable for me.I am satisfied with the course contents. And they met my expectation.It was so nice to have lectures from active engineers.

At the “Band Days”  we invite actual bands and have a virtual concert. I was in charge of FOH engineer, and I had a moment that performance and FOH sound ware perfect and harmonized very much. It was not only me to feel so but also the other person players and audience. We were delighted and shook hands each other saying “good sound!”.  I remember this experience very much. I want to accumulate such kind of experience, also I want the others who aim to be sound engineer to have same experience. I learned many things from Britannia Row Productions regarding sound of all level from the basics to the advanced level, especially I learned how fun the music is".

Fabio Mauti

"I attended the BRP Intermediate course in 2016, the lessons were great thanks to our fantastic and professionals tutors, and the extra experience at Royal Albert Hall for "Young Voices" was amazing! 

This experience has helped me to go into the live production busines as I've been employed by a cruise line company as FOH engineer operating in the theater of the ship!

I believe BRPT will keep doing as well as they in my experience, and improving to give the future trainees a high quality preparation.

Thanks again for all you've done for me"!

Craig Clare 

"I loved it!, I wished I had found the course years ago, as it was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for, in that it was comprehensive and cohesive, the course covered a wide range of subjects and did so in a sequential  / structured way that fostered a natural learning curve and sessions reinforced what was learnt in previous sessions.
     I feel that I now have a good grounding in the theory to be able to further develop my interests and to not be daunted by text books or other mediums of self learning including talking to other engineers. I also feel that the more I learned instead of closing gaps it also revealed how much more there was to know, however, I feel that this is inherent in the sound industry where the common mantra does seem to be "if it sounds right, it is right" - there is an ever expanding world of knowledge in sound and though it's doubtful I will be able to learn all of it, I relish the opportunity to pursue as much as possible and feel the course helped in providing a stable foundation for me to build upon.
The lecturers were incredibly knowledgable and approachable and took the time to make sure everyone was keeping up and were very forthright in their sharing of resources and ideas.

It was reassuring that most of the subject was grounded in analogue consoles and outboard units as once again it provided a good foundation for the subject.

Since finishing the course I feel more confident in my abilities and I am actively seeking outlets to allow me to put theory into practice and to learn more. I have some work with sound firms and though I'm not mixing too much, I feel I have become a better technician. I feel the course has helped in that it has helped me develop a standard practice that is accepted by other engineers and although I still feel nervous being behind a console (something I don't think I'll ever lose) I don't feel so lost or daunted by it.

Overall I really enjoyed my time at Britannia Row and I would recommend the course to those who are looking, I hope to come back in the future and continue my learning journey".

Kosuke Saito  

"These are many positive things. Through the course, you can learn all kind of theories, practical skills, technologies and equipments relative to live sound.The knowledge and skills I got is sufficient to start a job in live sound market with confident.

Through the course, you will meet various tutors and will be surprised to see how ‘professional’ they are! 
The relationships between them and of course between students will be a biggest property at least you work in this market.

The training is really from the basics. For example, we started from ‘what is sound in physics?’.

The training is easy to learn even for non-native English speakers. For example, I’m a Japanese who is not good at English".

Danny Pinedo  

"Since I did the course life has been good! Pretty full on, but good! While doing the course and after finishing it i worked with a small PA and lighting company in Hayes for a while, and a short time after I was employed by Brit Row to work as a casual. I worked as a casual for a year and a half often going out on gigs for Brit Row and other companies and following this after hard work and dedication i became an apprentice.

At the moment i'm working full time for Brit Row running the Amplifier Department dealing with the day to day procedures, equipment maintenance and repair and processing sales which I have been doing solely since May 2017.

In my opinion the course is the best thing to do if you want to get into live sound or even further your knowledge as a freelance sound engineer. It meant a lot to me because if it wasn't for the course i wouldn't be where I am today".

Lucy Mackinnon 

"After the course I started off in the Britannia Row Warehouse, learning how to build racks and prep gear for shows going out. This led onto me becoming Head of Analogue. I was responsible for all the Microphones, Wireless & Wired Comms, Outboard, Analogue Desks, Orchestral Monitoring Systems & Record/Playback Systems. I was also training people to be confident in using the equipment in my department. After a year I also took on covering the Warehouse Manager.

In April 2016, after nearly 3 years in the Warehouse I became Freelance. Since then I have been only working on live shows and absolutely loving every second of it. Last September I worked on Bocellis UK Arena Tour and since then I have worked with the likes of Ronnie Wood, Roger Daltrey & Elton John.

I am currently touring with Liam Gallagher on his 'As You Were' Tour as his Monitor Technician. I have been across 7 countries with him in the last month. In between the Touring I have been doing Festivals, Award Shows & large Corporate jobs usually as the RF engineer.  

 The Course allowed me to gather a large foundation of knowledge which I needed to start any job in the Live Sound Industry. It gave me an introduction to what life in the Live Sound World is like, the huge about there is to learn and also gave me an insight in how Britannia Row functions as a company and as a team".