Bill Wyman’s 80th birthday at Indigo O2

"This Bill Wyman concert is shaping up to be one of the gigs of the year," BluesFest director Leo Green had said in an earlier press statement (via Ultimate Classic Rock) as the gig was coming together. "The addition of Robert Plant to an already monumental lineup is a clear indicator of the vast influence this incredible musician has had on the music world and we’re delighted that he’s chosen to celebrate this milestone birthday with us – who knows who else might turn up on the night to jump up onstage."

Britannia Row were hired to supply the audio and technicians for this special night. FOH engineer Gary Bradshaw and
Monitor engineer Tristan Farrow were appointed by Britannia Row's Lez Dwight' - It was an amazing night with so many rock and Roll legends joining in. Brit Row engineers Gary and Tristan doing a fantastic job. Brit Row supplied 2 digico sd7s,over 80 inputs, 20 wedges, side fill and 14 iems'.

What a night to remember with so many big stars on the same stage!