Sound Network and Britannia Row Productions are pleased to announce an evening of Live Microphone Technique with DPA Microphones.

We will look at several options available for achieving dynamic drum and guitar sounds suitable for all genres from rock through to jazz. We will also demonstrate the new 2028 vocal microphone in action and compare the on and off axis response to its cousin the d:facto 4018VL.

These will be demonstrated through live performance as well as critical listening through multitrack playback.

Participants will then have the opportunity to set up a mix and experiment with EQ and dynamics processing, Video and multi-track audio content will be available demonstrating various band performances and mic placement. Individual microphone channels will be available for critical listening and comparison, providing a deeper understanding of the effects of room acoustics, spill, EQ, and dynamic processing on multiple sound sources.

Presented by Les Mommsen from Sound Network.