Join Audinate and Britannia Row Productions for an informal, ‘Behind the Screens’ look at Dante Audio Networking Technology.

Hosted by Kieran Walsh (Audinate) this session will cover topics such as how Dante may be used in a live sound environment, how a Dante Network can scale, and what precautions may be wise to undertake as network complexities increase. The key elements of these topics will be discussed in the context of using Dante successfully in different applications so that attendees will gain an understanding of:

  • Using Dante Controller to set up routes between Dante-enabled equipment
  • Using Dante Controller to configure devices (Sample rate, Latency settings etc)
  • Naming Devices and Channels in Dante Controller
  • Using the Latency monitor and Clock sync monitoring tools to troubleshoot possible network errors
  • Using Dante Virtual Soundcard and Dante Via with a Dante System
  • Understanding the minimal network configuration required to successfully operate a Dante System.

An ideal opportunity to ‘get to grips’ with Dante, attendees will have the chance to get some practical experience with the Dante enabled equipment that will be showcased at the session by Dante OEM partners.

Questions on the technology and its application are welcome either on the night or in advance by email to

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