Walk Between Worlds

Simple Minds took to the road in February to premiere thier album 'Walk Between Worlds' with a selection of special live shows, then on to festivals and performances around Europe and the UK throughout 2018 culminating in their largest North American Tour in over a decade and then on to Australia for a show there.

The tour has now wrapped up and in thanks to Britannia Row, FOH engineer  Gg (Oliver Gerrard) wrote us a very special thank you.
"The Simple Minds Walk Between Worlds Tour is history now. 
One year of intensive touring around Europe - US -  and one in Australia  for more then 80 faultless gigs.
 I mean faultless:  not one,... not one small technical issue during one of the shows.
… oh hold on,  no, I lied,  the snare mic fell off once;  but that was because it was me that moved it just after the soundcheck :-D.
I will never repeat enough how reliability is  THE main  key feature in our business.
It allows us  to concentrate on our job and rely on up to date tools. 
For this achievement, every single one of you working at Brit-row need to know that their hard work is very much appreciated, as it allowed Simple Minds to play every night in the best circumstances delivering great shows all around the world. 
I am very grateful and you all should be very proud .

Without your daily effort, all of this won't be possible. That is something the Band and I never take for granted as it is exceptional enough to be mentioned.

 I want to specially thank Daniel Ibanez. He was already a great person but he also turned into a great and most reliable tech.   He worked very hard every day without counting, with a smile, and he was always available to help out anyone.  He has the faith and a big heart and the love of a job well done.
Mikey, well,... he is on the very top of the shelf…It was a privilege and such a pleasure  to work with such a talented and consistant Engineer. I love him to bits.
Once again, I am very much aware that this is the result of so much work of each and everyone of you.
So much experience on how to do things; and  how to do them right.
In the name of the Band and myself, we can only show 
Have a beautiful x mass and bless your families and your beloved ones."

A successul tour requires good collaboration from all those involved. We have extraordinary clients. Simple Minds and their production team are extraordinary. 100% success is what we always strive for. Congratulations to Gg, Daniel & Mikey and our freelancers who worked on various legs of the tour. Well done all!